FoC Research Seminar “Comparative Perspectives on Urban Change in Informal Settlements” 4 February 2014


Tuesday, 4 February 2014, 2-4pm, InSIS Seminar Room, 64 Banbury Road

The Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities is hosting a Research Seminar on Urban Change in Informal Settlements focusing on case studies from Turkey and Portugal. The seminar seeks to reflect on insights from complexity, planning and gentrification to investigate the eveyday dynamics and politics of informal settlements beyond mainstream analyses from within the ‘global South’. The seminar will be a conversation between FoC Associate Fellow Ebru Soytemel, discussing the Turkish case, and two scholars from the New University of Lisbon, Lia T. Vasconcelos and M. Helena Farral, discussing the Portuguese case. All are welcome. More details here.