Future of Cities: Best Sustainable Practice Summer Course


14-27 August 2016
Christ Church College, University of Oxford

Future of Cities: Best Sustainable Practice Summer Course

Cities all over the world face complex and rapidly evolving challenges, such as climate change, global migration flows, transnational governance demands, financial volatility, and expanding social inequalities. The Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities at the 21st James Martin School of the University of Oxford aims towards rethinking the city as a flexible and dynamic space that better responds to evolving circumstances.

The Future of Cities: Best Sustainable Practice Summer Course is jointly designed by the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities (www.futureofcities.ox.ac.uk)  and Oxford Sustainable Enterprise Ltd (www.oxfordsustain.com) to provide a selected group of talented and advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students and professionals who aspire to pursue high-level research or management careers with the exposure to some of the key areas involved in making urban development sustainable, flexible, dynamic, and resilient in response to evolving challenges and circumstances. These areas include governance and policy; design and planning; technology and innovation; economics, finance and commerce; and socio-legal and cultural development.

The course engages participants in interactive and participatory lectures and seminars taught by leading experts at the University of Oxford, Imperial College, Warwick University Business School, and management personnel and practitioners in the UK government, business and industrial sectors. It is designed to provide a global and comparative perspective on major aspects of contemporary and near future urban development, such as smart city design, green energy, infrastructure, low carbon economy, green financing, migration and urban citizenship, and taxation, with case studies on mega cities around the world, in order to explore best sustainable practices for balancing economic, environmental and social developments.

Apart from the formal learning experience, the course also organises two visits to London as a mega city through which participants will gain first-hand experience of London’s political, financial, business, and cultural districts and visit the world’s largest exhibition of low carbon design of our urban future. Participants will also visit the Mini Cooper Plant and Harwell Innovation Centre close to Oxford which have contributed significantly to the making of modern and future urban civilisation.

As an integral part of the course, participants are required to complete a group research project on a chosen topic under the guidance of advanced and outstanding postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers at the University of Oxford. To complete this project, participants not only need to do pre-course reading assignments, but also need to apply and integrate what they have learned each day from the lectures, seminars, project workshops, and site visits during the course. Toward the end of the course, each group of participants will develop and deliver a power-point presentation, which will be evaluated by course supervisors and mentors in comparison with presentations given by other groups. Top-ranking presentations will be publicised on the official website of the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities (www.futureofcities.ox.ac.uk).

On the final day, all the participants who successfully complete the course will receive a Course Attendance Certificate from the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities. As a follow-up step, participants who successfully complete the Summer Course may apply for the MSc or DPhil in Sustainable Urban Development or other relevant degree programmes in public administration and policy; business, economics and finance; law; science and technology; social sciences; environmental studies, and humanities subjects at the University of Oxford and other UK leading universities.

Application Closing Date extended to : 24 June 2016

For the course’s detailed programme and application form, please contact the following personnel:

Dr Samuel Chen, Manager
Future of Cities: Best Sustainable Practice Summer Course
Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities
University of Oxford, 64 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6PN, United Kingdom
UK Mobile: 00 44 7956 694 962; WeChat: oxfordsustain
Email: samuel.chen@wolfson.ox.ac.uk