Oxford Future of Cities: Best Sustainable Practice Summer Course – Day Delegate registration now available


The Future of Cities Programme is happy to announce that day delegate registration at the Best Sustainable Practice Summer Course is now available.

The Future of Cities: Best Sustainable Practice Summer Course, to be held 16-24 August 2016 at Christ Church College in Oxford, is designed to provide talented and advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students and professionals who aspire to pursue high-level research or management careers with the exposure to some of the key areas involved in making urban development sustainable, flexible, dynamic, resilient, and vibrant in response to evolving challenges and circumstances. These areas include governance and policy; design and planning; technology and innovation; economics, finance and commerce; and socio-legal and cultural development.

Aiming to connect top research and best practice, the Course engages participants in interactive and participatory lectures and seminars taught by leading experts at the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, Warwick University Business School, and management personal and practitioners in the UK governments, business and industrial sectors. It provides a global and comparative perspective on major aspects of contemporary and near future urban development with case studies on mega cities around the world, in order to explore best sustainable practises for balancing economic, environmental and social developments. The following lectures and seminars are now made available for part-time attendance or day delegates:

Tuesday 16 August
9:00-12:00    1. The Flexible City: Regenerative Sustainability and the Urban Technological Transition

      2. The Road from Paris

IMG_1844Professor Steve Rayner (University of Oxford)
James Martin Professor of Science and Civilization; Co-Director of Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities; Co-Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Resource Stewardship and the Oxford Geoengineering Programme; Director of the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society.


13:30-14:50  Smart Cities:Definition and Case Studies

igor smallDr Igor Calzada (University of Oxford)
Lecturer, Senior Research Fellow and Policy Adviser at the University of Oxford (UK), Urban Transformations ESRC and the Oxford Programme at the Future of Cities.

Wednesday 17 August
9:00-12:00    1. Building a Sustainable Energy System – Options and Challenges

      2. Building a Sustainable Energy System – Storage and Demand response

phillipp Dr Phillipp Grunewald (University of Oxford)
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Fellow at the University of Oxford.


13:30-14:50   Future Proofing Cities & Heritage-led Regeneration

janet Ms Janet Miller (Atkins)
Sector Director for Cities and Development, leading key initiatives such as Future Proofing Cities; Director for Heritage; part of the Senior Leadership Team for the UK division of Water, Ground, Environment at Atkins.


Friday 19 August
9:00-12:00   1. Global Challenges for Transport to 2050

      2. Cities and Transport: Sustainable Urban Development

DavidProfessor David Banister (University of Oxford)
Professor Emeritus of Transport at the University of Oxford; Director of the Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford (2006–2015); Director of the Environmental Change Institute in the School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford (2009–2010); Professor of Transport Planning at UCL (prior to 2006).


13:30-14:50   Transport in London

luccinda Ms Lucinda Turner (Transport for London)
Head of Policy and Strategy at Transport for London (TfL).



Saturday 20 August
9:00-10:20     Public Private Partnership in Sustainable Urban Development

NicolaDr Nicola Headlam (University of Oxford)
Urban Transformations & Foresight Future of the Cities Knowledge Exchange Research Fellow, University of Oxford.



10:40-12:00   Urban Political Economy, Governance and Policy in Asian Mega Cities

ShahanaDr Shahana Chattaraj (University of Oxford)
Research Fellow, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford.



13:30-14:50   Sustainability and Institutional Investment in Commercial Real Estate Markets

MatthewMr Matthew Richard (Fidelity)
Director of Research on European Real Estate, Fidelity International.



Sunday 21 August
9:00-10:20     Urban Water Policy and Management

KevinDr Kevin Grecksch (University of Oxford)
Research Officer in the Regulation of Water Resources, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford.



10:40-12:00    Circular Economy & Resource Efficiency

LindaMs Linda Crichton (WRAP)
Head of Resource Management, WRAP (www.wrap.org.uk).



13:30-14:50    European Commissioned-funded Urban Water Project



Monday 22 August
9:00-12:00    1. Technology, Acceleration and Innovation Cluster: Developing the Low Carbon Economy in and for Cities – A Personal Story

      2. Smart City Challenges

RichardProfessor Richard Templer (Imperial College London)
Director of Innovation at the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Hoffmann Chair in Chemistry at Imperial College London; Former Director of UK arm of Climate-KIC and Former Director of Education for the whole of Climate-KIC.


13:30-14:50   Water, Cities and Innovation: What’s Needed and What’s New

CarolynProfessor Carolyn Roberts (Knowledge Transfer Network & Gresham College)
Specialist in Environmental Technologies, UK Knowledge Transfer Network; Frank Jackson Professor of the Environment at Gresham College; Vice President of the Institute of Environmental Societies; Past Chair of the Society for the Environment.



Wednesday 24 August
9:00-12:00    Applying Behaviour Economics to Sustainability

IvoProfessor Ivo Vlaev (Warwick University)
Professor of Cognitive Science and Behavioural Economics, Warwick Business School; Formerly Senior Lecturer in Behavioural Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London.


13:30-14:20   Art and Culture and Sustainable Urban Development

CatherineMs Catherine Bottrill (Julie’s Bicycle)
Expert at Julie’s Bicycle (www.juliesbicycle.com).




registration extended to 7 august 2016