Future of Cities: Innovation and Sustainability Summer Course


2017 Future of Cities: Innovation and Sustainability Summer Course, to be held at Christ Church College, Oxford, 14-27 August 2017.

Applications closed.

The Future of Cities: Innovation and Sustainability Summer Course is jointly provided by the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities, Oxford Sustain, and Summit Education Enterprise for talented and advanced university students and professionals aspiring to pursue high-level research or management careers with the exposure to the key areas involved in making urban development sustainable, flexible, dynamic, resilient and vibrant in response to evolving challenges and circumstances. These areas include governance and policy; design and planning; technology and innovation; economics, finance and commerce; and social and cultural development.

Aiming to connect top research and best practice, the course engages participants in interactive and participatory lectures and seminars taught by leading experts at the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, Warwick University Business School, and management personal and practitioners in the UK government, business and industrial sectors. It provides a global and comparative perspective on major aspects of contemporary and near future urban development with case studies on mega cities around the world, in order to explore innovative and sustainable practices that balance economic, environmental and social aspects of urban development.

For more information, including details on how to apply, please click here.