Entering the second decade of the 21st century, modern cities lie at the precipice of immense challenge and change. Our understanding of the urban, whether in theory or practice, must rise to the occasion.

Flexible City - Oxford Future of Citites

Addressing this rapidly unfolding world requires a newfound sense of ingenuity and versatility, be it in policymaking, investment, or our everyday livelihoods.

The Oxford Network for the Future of Cities seeks to re-think the urban area as a flexible and evolving space that proactively responds to the greatest challenges of our time, like the climate crisis or the next worldwide public health emergency. The initiative, based at a university synonymous with curiosity and innovation, will bring together global perspectives to create world-class research that meets this unprecedented moment.

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This long-term initiative convenes experts and practitioners from a diverse set of fields across the University of Oxford, including urban studies, real estate, climate change, transportation, and migration.

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